Dartmaps is a Google Maps mashup to visualize the moving, real-time locations of commuter trains (DART) in Dublin, Ireland.

Dartmaps is no longer live, but you can watch it in action in this screencast.

The mashup worked by first scraping natural-language real-time data (e.g. “The next train is due in 5 minutes.”) from the Irish Rail website. This was used to calculate the distance of the train from the station. The position of the train was then estimated by following a vector representation of the track for that distance.

Dartmaps appeared in print in The National Geographic, on the radio on NPR and even on television. Even more excitingly, in 2008 the New York Museum of Modern Art ran an exhibition titled “Design and the Elastic Mind” that featured Dartmaps in one of its exhibits.

What people said:

Holy crap, congrats! That’s amazing.

-Justin Mason, Creator of Apache SpamAssassin

One of my favorite Google Maps mashups is the Dartmaps mashup.

-Mike Pegg, Google Maps Mania

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